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SNU, Stephan Nussbaumer, Zurich, Switzerland
Compliance / Risk Management  [Practice 1]

    Financial intermediaries (e.g. private banks, trust companies, asset managers, etc.)

    Concepts and IT solutions for Compliance relevant tasks

    Account opening, business acceptance process
    Encrypted and secured customer database (e.g. electronic register)
    Customer documentation and history (KYC, Know Your Customer)
    Account and mandate monitoring (e.g. annual review, risk assessment)
    Compliance reporting system


[1] Compliance Beratung, Compliance Consulting, Compliance Software, Risikoanalyse, Risiko Analyse, Methode, Methoden, Anwendung, Anwendungen, Tool, Bericht, Berichtwesen
Business process analysis, BPR, BPM, risk assessment, Methodology, Application, Applications, Tools, Report, Reports, Reporting, MIS, Management Information System
[2] Verhinderung von Geldwäscherei, Bekämpfung, Geldwäsche, Aufsicht, Aufsichtsbehörde, Bankenkommission, Kontrollstelle, GwG, GwV EBK, Standesregeln, Sorgfaltspflicht, SBVg, VSB, Selbstregulierung, SRO, VQF, PolyReg, VSV, STV, Treuhand-Kammer, Anwaltsverband, SAV/SNV, Internes Kontrollsystem, IKS, Revision, Revisionsbericht
Prevention of Money Laundering, Anti Money Laundering, AML, Regulatory Authority, FATF, SFBC, FBC, Federal Law, MLL, MLO, MROS, Swissbanking, CDB, self regulation, due diligence, code of conduct, industry practice, best practice, auditors, audit report
[3] Schweizer, schweizerische, schweizerischer, Finanzplatz, Finanzintermediation, Finanzsektor, Bank, Bankgeheimnis, Bankkundengeheimnis, Nichtbankensektor, Treuhand, Treuhänder, Rechtsanwalt, Rechtsanwälte, Finanzplaner, Finanzplanung, Finanzdienstleistung, Finanzdienstleister, Vermögensverwaltung, Vermögensverwalter, Fond, Fonds, Fondsleitung
Swiss, financial intermediary, banking secrecy, bank client confidentiality, private banking, fiduciary services, lawyer, lawyers, financial planners, financial planning, asset managers, asset management, fund, wealth management, HNWI, offshore, off shore, onshore, on shore, family office, trust management, trust services, trustees
[4] Kontoeröffnung, Konto, Konti, Bankkonto, Nummernkonto, Gemeinschaftskonto, Identifikation, Vertragspartner, Vertragspartei, wirtschaftlich Berechtigter, wirtschaftlich Berechtigte, wB, Formular A, Passkopie, Vollmacht, Bevollmächtigter, Kundenprofil, Risikoprofil, Risiko Profil, Transaktion, Transaktionen, Zahlung, Ausschüttung, Überwachung
Account opening, bank account, joint account, coded account, numbered account, contracting partner, contracting party, principal, beneficial owner, BO, Form A, passport, documentation, true copy, customer profile, client profile, know your client, background information, source of funds, risk profile, settlor, protector, founder, director, directors, signatory, notary public, power of attorney, POA, signatory, signatories, transaction monitoring, transactions, inflow, outflow, payment
[5] Datenbank, Database, DB, SQL, ODBC, VBA, Visual Basic, Java, Access, Excel, Crystal Reports, Smart Card, Crypto, Encryption, Encrypted, Krypto, Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Vertraulichkeit, Authentication, Sicherheit, Datenschutz, Datensicherheit, PKI, Certificate, Certification